Breaking Up is Hard Enough 2

Alrighty kids. It’s been a while since the last game, so I know I forgot a few things. Either add them in yourself, or e-mail me what you remember and I’ll add them in. Thanks!

Once they arrive back at their hotel, Nodame gives Taylor a severe tongue lashing, telling him how he should have thought about his actions before unleashing the raging bull that is Beau. Taylor admits that he was at fault, and apologized to the group. The other Scions stayed out of it.

Terrence took Taylor up to the roof. He said if they were going to be on the same team, they had to work out their differences. Terrence handed Taylor a gun and said, “You get one free shot. Shoot me.” Looking shocked, Taylor announces that he would never shoot Terrence. Taylor apologizes to the captain for his recent behavior and requests that Terrance teach him how to shoot. After a bit of back and forth, they ended in an amicable place, with Taylor getting shooting lessons from Terrence.

The team does research on the shadowy figures, but don’t come up with a lot. They do learn more about the Shinobi, but nothing useful.

The team hears about a domestic violence case happening in the suburbs of Vegas. They go to investigate. Terrence leaps into action, crashing through the roof and finds the husband standing over the body of the wife, gun in hand. Their child is in the corner, weeping.

Nodame quickly responds by leaping onto the roof and heading for the hole that Terrance has made. Taylor is not quick enough and is stopped by a police officer. Through use of his Benefit of Doubt knack, Taylor convinces the officer that he is with the FBI and is investigating this case on the FBI’s behalf. He convinces the officer to keep the other officers out of the house and away from the fight. Terrence flings the gunman out the window and discovers that the woman appears to at least be unconscious while Nodame searches for an object that she can use, Terrance then grabs Nodame and makes an explosive getaway. Taylor stays behind for a few minutes and questions the child about what has been happening. The child confirms that the man is his father and has been acting abusive towards the child’s mother. Realizing that is all he’s going to get out of the child, Taylor turns him over to the awaiting cops and informs him that he will follow after the two figures caught fleeing the house. Meanwhile, Terrance and Nodame return to the vehicle that they had arrived in and Taylor shortly catches up with them. The three return to the hotel where they had left Seamus and Beau.

As a group, the Scions call on their contacts, including the sometimes crabby Leo. While Leo promises to get back to them with whatever he finds, Nodame, having brought back a milk creamer in the shape of a cow from the house of violence, attempts to contact the spirit of the milk creamer. she is successful, but the creamer is unable to provide her with much information. However, talking to the creamer gives her an idea. Taking Taylor and Beau with her, Nodame goes back to the hotel where the model died. While Taylor distracts the guard, Nodame and Beau get into the model’s room by climbing out of a window one floor above and crawling into the model’s room’s window. Nodame contacts the spirit that resides within a mirror in the room. By promising to take the mirror home with her so it will always be surrounded by beautiful things, Nodame is able to discover there was another person in the model’s room that night. The mirror shows her the image of a creature so horrible that it disturbs Nodame for several hours afterwards.

Eager to be gone from the hotel room, Nodame has Beau help her exchange the mirror in the model’s room with a mirror from another room. Beau carries the mirror that Nodame communicated with, and she, Nodame, and Taylor return to their hotel. Gathering again to compare notes, the scions contact Leo with what they have discovered and learn that their opponent is a horrible spirit that preys on abusive husbands by taking over the bodies of their dead wives.

Following his instincts, Terrance follows the body of the victim from the earlier scene of violence to the morgue, which is housed in the basement of the police station. The husband has been locked up in a cell. Keeping an eye on things, Terrence hears commotion happening in the station. He bursts through and sees the husband being strangled by the corpse of his wife, seemingly alive with power. As soon as he gets there, he hears a SNAP and the husband dies. Immediately, the wife’s body slumps over. He feels a cold chill go through his body and onto the roof.

Breaking Up is Hard Enough 2

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