Loa Goddess of Love. Mother to Beau.


Beautiful, dressed in pinks and reds, loving sweet foods and perfumes, Erzulie is a Goddess
of love in all its forms. Assuming three faces depending on need, as Freda she is the coquettish young girl, as Dantò, she is the matronly protector of children (and homosexuals), while as Je Wouj (literally “red eye”) she is the angry old lady no one loves anymore. Associated with the Virgin Mary and the Black Madonna from Catholic tradition, Erzulie is a girly girl, flirtatious and sexy while being very gracious and kind at the same time.


In modern life, Erzulie has been a prostitute, a mother, a community activist, a cook and a dressmaker.

She always wears the three wedding rings symbolizing her marriages to Damballa, Ogoun and Agwe (a busy loa of the sea), no matter which face she currently wears.


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