Dian Cecht

Tuatha De Dannan God of Healing. Father to Seamus.


Dian Cécht usually appears as an older man in his fifties, with long white hair held back by a headband and a neatly-trimmed white beard and mustache. Unlike some of the great warriors among the Tuatha, he is not exceptionally muscular but has the greatest hand-eye dexterity among
his companions. His skill with crafting and metalwork can be seen in the silver hand he created for Nuada, and although his skill with medicinal herbs is not as great as his daughter’s, he still knows which ones can be eaten, which can be used to heal and which are poisonous.


God of healing, son of the Dagda and grandfather of Lugh, Dian Cécht is best known for his
creation of a silver hand for Nuada. The silver hand worked every bit as well as the original, but because the Tuatha could not have a king who was physically imperfect, Dian Cécht’s
son Miach and his daughter Airmed (other members of the Tuatha with great healing abilities) worked seven years to grow Nuada a new hand of flesh. This so incensed Dian Cécht that he killed his own son and scattered a profuse amount of healing herbs over the four corners of the World.

Dian Cécht does not visit the mortal world as often as some of the rest of the Tuatha. He still broods over his son’s death and knows his temper has not cooled since the ancient days. When he spends time there, he is almost always to be found in a hospital, clinic or medical corporation designing new prosthetics for amputees. Whether he works as an E.R. doctor, an oncologist, a virologist or a burn specialist, he labors tirelessly to eradicate pain, disease and suffering
wherever he finds it. He is one of the few members of the Tuatha with little skill in the arts of war.

Dian Cecht

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