Greek God of War. Father of Terrence.


God of war, Ares has a profound ability to incite murderous rage in almost anyone around him. His screams are enough to terrify hardened Army Rangers—one general who’s seen him in action thinks
atomic weapons are less dangerous. Dark and hirsute, Ares does not conform to anyone’s idea of a perfect warrior—until he raises his weapon. What that weapon is from day to day hardly matters. All that counts is that he has one.


In modern times, Ares has been a weapons manufacturer, a black-budget accountant, a Special
Forces commander, a psychotic deserter, a militia leader in the mountains, a survivalist and a renegade Soviet officer. Hardened veterans go pale when reminded of him, and women tend to cry or spit at the sound of his name. Most of his methods rely on going to strange places, meeting lots of interesting people, and killing them.


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