shroud(ed) mystery

August 18, 2010 15:44

Scion Review After defeating the monstrous Techtulli, The Band studies the mystical shroud they discovered in a hidden passageway in the the creature’s lair. As Nodame handles it, debating whether or not to put it on, the cave starts to shake and tremble. The walls start to cave in as the Scions dash towards the exit. Leaving the way they came in, climbing the walls or each other, they manage to exit the tunnel without harm, though covered from head to foot in dust.
Convincing the unconscious helicopter pilot that he had passed out, they flew back to Las Vegas. Getting to the hotel, Karma Jenkins appeared and made sure the Band was taken care of, organizing a much needed day at the spa.

Nodame takes Taylor and Julian into the middle of the desert in order to talk to the spirit of the black feather shroud. She activates her boon and the shroud does indeed talk. Unfortunately it talks in the language that she does not recognize at all. She attempts to talk with it, and it changes language, to something that sounds almost Sumerian, but she is unsure. It speaks as if it’s telling a story. They head back to the hotel.

The Band gets the idea to contact Leo. He begrudgingly tells them to meet at the Moonshine Diner. They arrive to find that the diner is completely repaired, even though the Oni battle destroyed most of it the week before. Leo arrives 15 minutes late, and answers the questions the Scions have for him. Sorta. He tells them that he doesn’t know anything about a shroud, but knows a guy who knows a guy. He’ll get in touch with them soon. The band leaves him to flirt with Flo the waitress.

A day passes with nothing out of the ordinary. Nodame gets a call from Leo, telling her to meet at the hotel at midnight. The band gathers around her room and waits for Leo. At 12:15 a.m., Leo arrives. He tells them the following.

The shroud has been around for a while. It’s appeared in multiple tomes throughout the ages, but never more than a few passages. No one knows where it came from, or which pantheon it’s associated with. It’s appeared in Aztecan lore, Viking stories, and greek mythos. Each one tells a different tale, but then never mentions it again.

The black feathered shroud seems to posses several abilities, all associated with death or the moonlight. It’s said that when it covers one whose lifeforce has ended, it takes in the light of the moon and reanimates, effectively making the human into a zombie. If worn by a mortal or scion, once again touched by the moonlight, it grants a “second life.” Anyone who wears it and is sprinkled with the essence of holiness is healed of diseases and the like.

But each tale ends the same way. When one ability is used, a feather drops from the shroud. Seamus did a quick scan and did indeed notice that patches were missing on the shroud.
Leo suggest the scions keep it hidden, that something that ancient is bond to draw attention. When asked if they should tell their parents, he shrugs and says “They said to stop potential interruptions. You hide that thing, no one will interrupt them.” He promptly leaves, grumbling as he heads out.

As the Scions debate on what they should do, another knock on their door interrupts them. A bellhop with notes for each scion arrives. They are summons to see their parents.

shroud(ed) mystery

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