shroud of darkness

May 21, 2010 20:30

After leaving their parents behind, the Band went to their respective rooms, each one on a different consecutive floor, and enjoyed the rest of the night off. Nodame went shopping, Beau hung out by the pool (boys), Taylor took a hot shower, and Seamus passed out on the bed.
After running into various ads for a local show playing at the Bellagio entitled “Panegryis” the band decides to take in a show. The various ads and commercials depict an old man walking towards a large gaping cave, with stairs that descend into darkness. After getting tickets (and outfits) from Karma Jenkins, the eager concierge, they arrive at the hotel and are mesmerized by the show.

An epic tale of a hero’s journey through life, the show is filled with acrobatics, light effects, and symbolism. The hero is shown through his stages of life, as a child fighting off the Irish boogeyman, to an adult, fighting samurai warriors, to old age, where he outwits the Greek Cyclops, and other various mythologies. As the band watches the hero’s journey, they feel a connection to their own unique pantheon, and enjoy the show thoroughly.

Talking their way backstage, since they suspect treachery, the band meets the cast of the show and spends the night away at the cast after party. Making a few new acquaintances, they head back to the hotel late, where Beau almost slams her fist though a drunk frat boy (Beau being drunk herself) but is blocked by Doyle. Doyle had gone out to “relax” and skipped the show (he looks like he was in a fight, but no worse for wear) and Julian said he had been…busy.

The next morning, Nodame sees an ad for a helicopter tour over the dessert. She notices that in one picture, she can see a bright green patch of grass in an otherwise dead area, and that the faint image of the show’s poster of the old man and the cave are outlined in it. She calls up the rest of the band and gathers them in the lobby.

Seamus gets there fairly quickly, by jumping off the 30th floor of the hotel. Walking in smiling, he catches up with the others who are all waiting for him. Karma Jenkins had obviously seen him land, and tries to play it cool when both Taylor and Nodame’s weapons appear. Before, it didn’t seem like anyone had been able to see the BIG ASS AX that Taylor wore on his back, nor the katana that Nodame carried on her side. But now, for some reason, Karma could, though she did not say anything. Her mannerism and behavior was obvious though.

Getting to the tour company, the band flies up to in the helicopter. For the most part, enjoy the tour. Before they head back, they fly over the patch of grass. It’s big and the imagery of the man and the cave are more obvious than ever. While Nodame tries to convince the pilot to land, Beau unbuckles and jumps, followed by Seamus who tries to rescue him.. Terrifying the piolot, he lands the ‘copter and is promptly knocked out by Taylor. They leave the copter and pilot behind and discover a hole that leads into the ground at an angle.

With Taylor and his sun purview leading the way, they go into the hole. Seamus realizes that the hole is relatively new and whatever created it burrowed from the ground up. The air in the hole is thick and humid, and has a bad stench.

They come to chasm that’s 1,000 feet across, and using their various magiks, the band is able to cross it, some by going across the wall Gargoyle style, others by simply walking across.
Boons & Knack. Gotta love ‘em.

They reach another large cavern and are attacked by Tecuhtli, a monstrous creature that has the upper body of a toad with razor sharp teeth and covered in puss. It’s lower half is like that of a snake covered in black feathers. Where it’s body and neck meet, another mouth is visible.
A fierce battle rages in the cavern, where the clever band uses their environment to stop the monster and kill it. After collecting the ooze off the creature (in Beaus’ floppy hat, natch), they dicover another smaller room sized cavern. In it, they find a black feather shroud that glows in a purplish black light, and radiates with power. All of the Scions can feel the magiks within. Slowly, but deliberately, Nodame puts the shroud on.

And that is where we ended the night.

shroud of darkness

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