On Our Way to Vegas Street

January 29, 2010 20:00
After arriving at Iella’s office, Julian straps the unconscious mobster to a chair, and begins to interrogate him. The mobster attempted to commit suicide by biting down on a cyanide capsule, but Julian stopped him. Instead, he bit of his own tongue, and passed out.

The rest of the band arrived. After searching him, they found a letter, written in Japanese. Nodame was able to translate. It was orders, written very formally, to prevent two companies from merging together, because doing so would be a detriment to their companies plans. The note was signed “The President of the August Star Company.” Nodame knows that The August Star of Heaven is a nickname of the Titan Mikaboshi.

After getting rid of the mobster, they loaded up and left New Orleans.

Half way through the trip, they stopped at a random motel in the middle of nowhere. Taylor decided to play a solo set in the motel dinner’s stage. Julian and Beau head to their hotel rooms, while Iella and Nodame enjoy the show.

As they leave the bar, Iella notices some figures in an alley way. It looks like a mugging and they go to investigate. Before they reach them, the figures shift and twist to reveal shadow creatures. Before the band has a chance to attack, one of the figures goes flying off. A large, burly mountain of a man with a large ax appears behind the Shinobi.


An intense battle is set between the various Shinobi shadow warriors, and the band. After Julian and Beau join, the monsters are quickly dispersed. Ax man introduces himself as Doyle, and says he was told to meet the Band there, on their way to Vegas. Though hesitant at first, and after a display of testosterone between Julian and Doyle, they figure they can trust him (for now) and go back to their hotel rooms.

All the Scions all have intense dreams, involving the various locations of their pantheons, from rolling hills of Ireland to the swamps of the Bayou. They wake up refreshed, rejuvenated, and all have the same word imprinted in their minds:

The Moonshine Café.

On Our Way to Vegas Street

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