House Rules

House Rules

• Permanent legend is awarded for deeds, not XP.

• Perception adds to firearms damage, just as strength adds damage to melee weapons.

• Arete does not add to DV.

• Arete gets a one XP cost break on each level if it is modifying an associated ability.

• Die adder powers do not add to DV.

• Most knacks and boons take a 5-tick action to activate.

• Relic weapon cannot go below Speed 3.

• Untouchable Opponent adds epic dexterity dots, not successes.

• All Scions with Epic Perception get the Knack SCENT THE DIVINE for free. Non-Scions can learn it, but does not come free with Epic Attribute. You still have to spend legend to activate.

• Epic Intelligences multiply language that can be learned.

• Arete cannot exceed Ability until 5. Past 5, no special limit.

• Direct Social Attacks are resisted via Wits + Integrity (Overt Order, Charmer). Indirect are resisted by Willpower + Integrity + Legend (Serpent’s Gaze, Lunacy). Only non-power social attacks can be resisted via spending willpower, assuming defender fails the resistance roll.

• All Purpose Purviews are Current Rating not New Rating if bought in order.
• Knacks – Maximum # of Knacks equals Attribute + Epic Attributes

Defend Other (Speed 5, DV -1)
A character can take an action to defend someone else. When they do this, they must use their Parry DV. If an attacker exceeds the defending character’s parry DV, they can choose to hit the defender or can carry on the remaining successes of their attack to hit the character being defended. Defenders who cannot parry the attack for whatever reason cannot use the Defend Other action against that attack.
The character can split his action to attack as well, but he must remain directly beside his ward. He may use his dodge DV as normal to avoid attacks against himself; he is only limited to parrying for attacks at the ward. Finally, each additional person who helps him block increases his defending parry DV by 1 to a maximum of +5.
Example: Pierre wants to defend Saltmarsh Andy. Pierre’s parry DV is 4, 3 because he took an action. Any attacks which would come at Andy have to break a 3 DV to hit him. If they do, they lose 3 successes, and Andy still gets his 5 DV against the attack. Andy could use a better bodyguard.

Interpose (Speed 5, DV Special)
At any point during combat, a character can throw himself in the path of an incoming attack, taking the blow instead of the intended target. He must be within your MOVE distance of the target or the path of the ranged attack. For the purposes of defending against the attack, his DV is zero. He must declare his intention to interpose before the attack roll is resolved. Note: if the attack garners a greater number of successes than double what his DV would have been, the attack can chose to ignore the Interposing character and attack the intended target as usual.

House Rules

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