Breaking Up Is Hard Enough 4

Nodame returns to the hotel and informs the Band what she learned. She now has a scroll of banishment for the Onryo, but in order for it to properly work, they need to figure out who’s manipulating it and stop them.

Seamus narrows down the search for potential victims to three women. The first one’s husband is in jail, the second has a restraining order against the husband, and the third recently left her husband and has checked into the local women’s shelter.

Terrence tries to get Seamus to pull of feats beyond his technological capability.

The Band decide that the women’s shelter was the most likely target.

Using a few knacks, Nodame and Taylor were able to convince the head of the facility to allow Taylor’s Band (The Dreaming) to perform a fund raiser, but to give the women in the home a private show first.

While setting up, Nodame walks around talking to the various women. Terrence secures the building and has Avenger circle the exterior.

Taylor begins to play and activates a knack. The beauty of his performance and the words he sang give the women a bit of hope and inspiration, causing a lot of them to break through their depression and fear.

Terrence wanders upstairs and finds the women they were sent to find. They talk a bit, a connection growing. Terrence invites her downstairs and she comes. After the performance, the woman goes to the little ladies room.

While talking with the rest of the women, Avenger lets loose a screech. Terrence rushes to the bathroom and bursts in. The window has been broken into, glass on the floor and no women to be found.

He leaps out and sees the woman on the ground and bleeding, with a male figure standing over her. He yells, “YOU WILL NEVER LEAVE ME AGAIN!”

Breaking Up Is Hard Enough 4

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