Breaking Up is Hard Enough

The Band gets a much needed break after the adventures they’ve recently had. They enjoy a week of non-titanspawn filled relaxation. They discovered black credit cards in their rooms, and have been living it up Vegas Style.

Nodame gets a call from her manager, saying she’s been booked to do a small runway show at one of the local hotels, put on by some famous designer or another. It’s a smaller venue than she’s used to, but the designer is world renown, so she goes.

There is a slight conflict on who will be her “date,” the musically talented (and attractive) Taylor, or the ruggedly handsome army man Terrence. After a bit of chest thumping, Nodame decides to take both, Taylor as her escort, and Terrence as her security guard.

Beau decides to stay in with her poolboy toy, and watch TV, wrapped oh so cozy in her Forever Lazy™.

Arriving in style to the event, Nodame is quickly whisked away by the assistant. Taylor and Terrence sit at the front of the runway, though not on the friendliest of terms. Terrence scopes the crowd and catches a glance of a family of four who stick out.

The family is Asian, consisting of a man, woman, and two teenagers, dressed up in what can only be described as “Midwestern Touristy” outfits. Compared to the rest of the party’s guests, they stick out. They’re seated in the furthest table in the back, in a dimly lit corner.

In the dressing area, Nodame is quickly undressed and redressed. She sees all the young and new talent around, giving a bit of advice here and there. She runs into an old “friend”, Melody, who Nodame has known for years through the modeling circuit. They make plans to “catch up” after the show.

Terrence goes off to investigate the unusual quartet, while Taylor does some questioning of his own. Taylor finds out that they were most likely winners of some contest put on by a radio station. He reports this to Nodame who calls Karma Jenkins to confirm.

No such contest was held.

Terrence walks over to the family and accidently “bumps” into the fatherly looking one. It felt like he walked into a brick wall. Giving a creepy fake smile, the father apologizes for being “clumsy,” while the entire table smiles awkwardly.
Terrance takes it upon himself to “escort” the family away from the normal folk. His attempts at intimidation unsuccessful, he pulls a gun on them. The smiles on the family’s faces grow wider, but they seem unconcerned.

A pair of security guards escorts Terrence out instead, who was almost ready to make a scene. Once outside in the alleyway, the guards are quickly…fired.

Taylor makes several unusual requests to Karma, who for the first time isn’t able to make it happen, much to her disdain and to Taylor’s annoyance. She is just a hotel guest manager.
By the time Terrence returns, the foursome are gone.

The show continues without a hitch, but to be safe, the trio leaves with a group of giggling models and head to one of the hippest hotels around. On the way, they call Beau to join up with them.

A night of partying ensues, with the Scions on full alert. Terrence gets words that there’s a “disturbance” on the 10th floor of the hotel. He bounces up to figure out what’s going on. Literally. Breaking in to an unoccupied room, Terrence sees that there’s a large commotion out in the hallway, filled with security guards and hotel staff. Terrence commands the security guards to guard the hallways to prevent any hotel visitors from “contaminating the evidence.” He steps into the room and sees that there seemed to be a struggle, with the lamp on the floor broken, the bed disheveled, and other signs of a fight. The body turns out to be that of Nodame’s friend, Melody. There was no sign of forced entry, but Terrence has to leave when he hears more people on the way. After Terrance reports his findings to Nodame, Taylor follows suit, stealthily going upstairs. Or trying at least. Nodame and Beau head up afterwards.

Nodame is able to stealth her way around the floor and looks into the hotel room all the staff is standing outside of. She sees a body on the floor, but is unable to get a clear view of the victim.

Beau join Terrence in the empty room to formulate a plan to investigate. More and more people show up, including a pair of officers, a pair of detectives in plain clothing, and some EMTs. Nodadme is able to be discreet, but even she can’t sneak into a room full of policemen.
Taylor wants to go into the room to examine the body closer, and needs a distraction. Before anyone can say anything, he calls Beau’s cell and says, “Make a distraction.”

And she does.

Smiling, she bum rushes Terrence, who at the time was looking through the peephole, tossing him through the door, sending him crashing through door and the wall across the hall.
She jumps out and says, insert something Sal would say.

Immediately the cops rush out, guns drawn, while Nodame facepalms so hard that the hotel shakes.
Terrence recovers and rises from the pile of rubble, excusing himself to the two naked occupants of the room, and brushes himself off. The cops have their guns drawn on him, while the detective faces Beau. Taylor takes the opportunity to sneak into the room with the body.

While a very sad battle occurs in the hallway, Taylor does a diagnostic on the body, and learns that she was choked to death.

After a quick, and decidedly one sided, battle (ending with Beau swining Terrance like a baseball bat at two of the remaining officers) Terrence grabs onto Beau and leaps out the window and smashes through a window of the hotel across the street. Nodame quickly make herself scarce, leaving Taylor to flee on his own.

Karma sends a car around to pick them up, and after a long car ride home with Nodame giving Taylor a serious tongue lashing, they get to their hotel. Nodame wakes up her assistant to find out why Melody was in town in the first place, since most of the models that were at the show were last minute additions. She finds out that Melody’s husband lives in Vegas, and they were in the middle of an ugly divorce. Nodame decides to investigate the husband in the morning.

Nodame is woken up by a knock at the door. A young Asian woman dressed in traditional Asian servants garb stands there, holding a covered dinner platter. She bows silently and opens up the platter, revealing a newspaper, with an encircled article. Nodame takes the paper and the servant shuffles away.

The article reads “MURDERED MODEL AND HUSBAND FOUND LOCKED IN DEATH THROES.” On the front page is a picture of two bodies covered up by tarps. The article reads that the bodies of model Melody and husband were found, with Melody’s hands around her husband’s throat. They both were killed by strangulation.

The plot thickens!

Breaking Up is Hard Enough

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