The Band is summoned to the Penthouse Suite to meet with their parents. They arrive to a room that is far larger than it was the previous time. It is more elaborate with finer quality furniture and more gold trim. Their parents sit in the middle of the room at a round table made of lavish oak. There is a new figure at the table, an older, broad shouldered, black bearded man in a business suit.

Annubis and The Morrigan stand up and walk to The Band. They tell their Scions to say good bye to their friends, for they are leaving to another place. They walk out. Doyle grunts at his friends, and Julian looks at them, confused and awkwardly says good bye. Apollo speaks up, saying that their friends are going to fight the war from a different angle.

Apollo welcomes The Band and introduces the newest member, Ares the Greek God of War. He nods curtly at the group and with a wave of his arm, opens the large wooden doors. Behind them is a new figure, carrying a large shield with a bald eagle on his shoulder. Ares introduces his son, Captain Terrence Thatcher.

Each of the Gods take their children to a different part of the vast room and exchange some encouraging words. When they get back, they explain that the next step in their mission is to commence. The gods will send their Scions messages as to what tasks they wish them to perform. This is integral to the war plans, they say. The Scions agree, some more reluctant than others, and are dismissed.

Taylor eyes Terrence wearily, unsure what to make of the new one, and upset that his friends were sent away.

The following day, Beau receives breakfast in bed, along with a newspaper with an article circled and bearing his mother’s sigil. A string of prostitute murders are occurring. Beau takes this as a hint to stop the killings.

The Band goes to each site of the murders. Beau uses her Death boons to gain information from the local ghosts. They decide that the best way to lure out the ones responsible is to go undercover. Taking some fashion tips from a local Madame, Beau & Nodame dress the part. The Band separates, Beau going with Terrence and Seamus while Taylor and Nodame scout another area.
Seamus’s group is attacked by a human sized Spider Titan-Spawn. It tries to wrap up Seamus but Terrence and Beau make short work of it. At the same time, across town, Nodame is captured by an even larger Spider-Creature and incapacitated in its gooey silk. Taylor rushes to Nodame’s rescue, doing his best to fend off the monstrosity with the help of Nodame’s katana.

The rest of the party shows up and start to wail on the creature. Slowly but surely, Taylor gets more and more effective wielding the mystical blade, and gets more and more vicious with his attack. After crashing through the rooftop, Terrence delivers the final blow to the creature, but not before squeezing information from it. Apparently, the creature has a family, below in the sewers.

The battle seemingly ending, Taylor lashes out at Terrence. Terrence counterattacks, which Taylor is able to dodge, but not the second time. As soon as Terrence forces Taylor to drop the sword, Taylor comes to his senses. Seamus picks up the sword, feels the rush of battle lust, but is able to overcome it (I think…or did he fail his roll?).

Nodame is freed, picks up her sword, and decides she should have a word with her mother.


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