ATTEN-TION! Part 2.5

The Queen Arachnarid is lowered by her children on in a throne made of webs hanging from web lines thick as power cables. She is huge, about the size of a VW beetle, with the lower body of a black widow spider and the upper half of a dark amber like exoskeleton.

She smiles a fang filled smile and demands to know why the Band is in her nest. Surprisngly, the Band sends their social stars in and they parlay. Nodame and Taylor tell “Her Highness” that her children are devastating the mortals and that though they wish no violence, she must take her brood and go.

The Queen doesn’t like where the discussion is going, so she offers them a challenge; their champion vs hers. If she wins, their champion stays with her and the rest of the Band leaves the city. If they win, she will take her family to another city. Nodame and Taylor accept.

After a brief discussion, Terrence steps up and says he will battle the beast. Beau is hesitant at first, but realizes that though Terrence might not be the better fighter, he’s the most experienced, and will have a better chance at winning. Terrence steps into the ring.

The Queen gives a high pitched screech, and dozens of her baby archnarids begin to climb over each other. Their bodies meld into one another, forming a double incarnate spider, almost as large as the queen herself. With 16 legs, 16 eyes all over its body, and four mandibles dripping venom, the Archnarid Champion emerges.

A fierce fight begins, with Terrence pulling out all the stops against the deadly beast. The archnarid champion burrows through the ground, hides in the shadows, and tries to fell the Scion of Ares with its mighty fangs.

While the epic battle continues, the rest of the scions free the hapless victims, still cocooned and attached to the stalagmites.

What begins in an even fight soon turns in the favor of Terrence. With one final blow, Terrence blows the creature apart, watching as its body loses cohesion and falls to the ground.

The skittering of the other thousands of archnarids cease for a long, tense moment. Then they all begin to drop, getting ready to attack the band. The Queen cries out once more, raising her hand, halting her children, at the same time that Terrence aims his weapon at the Queen. She states, “A deal is a deal. Leave, and my brood will be gone by tomorrow night.” With that, she is raised back into her cave, followed by the thousands of her babies.

Getting home without further incident, and leaving the victims at a local (and slightly seedy) hospital, the band goes back to their hotel.

(A bit of retcon here, to add to the narrative)

Once in her room, Beau finds a letter written in parchment on her bed. The letter reads, “My beloved daughter, you have shown exceptional wisdom and fortitude. Allowing another to finish the task at hand, rather than fighting for the glory, shows growth and the potential to become the Goddess I know you will be. Thank you, my daughter. And cherish the light within.”

Beau begins to glow, with light pouring out from her very being. She illuminates the darkness within the room and it becomes bright as day. She feels a rush of power as her legend pool refills and her legend rating increases. She feel the power of the gods course through her, and she welcomes it.

At the same time, Terrence comes to call on Beau, who has shown interest in the young lieutenant. As he knocks, light pours out from underneath the door. He bursts through the door to see Beau’s light fading. Before he can say anything, Beau pounces on Terrence and….
End scene.

ATTEN-TION! Part 2.5

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