A gift of fate

April 09, 2010 22:08

After much adventure and a long journey, the band is almost to Vegas. Stopping at a roadside diner to get gas and grub, Îella‘s familiar, Archimedes, in the form of a pigeon, beckons to her, asking for a moment in private. The rest of the band goes into the café.

After a long conversation, Iella goes into the café and informs her compatriots about what the conversation was about. Her father, Kalfu, has sent her new orders, one that she is not allowed to share with the other Scions, something having to do with the Loa Pantheon. The others nod their heads and walk outside to bid her adieu.

Going around the back of the café, the band says their goodbyes to their new friend. After a bit of flirting with Taylor, Îella pulls Beau aside and says, “You’ll find out soon enough, what’s going on with the Loa. Be ready.”

She smiles at the band and then whistles loudly. Archimedes lands on her shoulder, looking at the band Îella says, “My ride is here.”

Flying straight up into the sky, silhouetted by the noon sun, the small pigeon quadruples in size, gaining golden brown feathers, a 10 foot wingspan, fierce looking talons and beak. Landing gracefully before the surprised band, Îella climbs on the back of Archimedes. With a gust of wind that pushes everyone back, they fly into the sky, and are soon lost from sight.

As they get closer to Las Vegas, the band feels a pull towards a road that’s off the beaten path. They somehow know it’s where they’re supposed to go. After a short, anxious trip, they arrive at their destination: The Moonshine Café. It’s a simple café, with a retro 50s style decorum, but old and beaten. The neon sign is missing the OO in Moonshine. They park the cars in the dirt parking lot and go in.

After ordering and waiting, and Nodame exploring the Woman’s Bathroom, someone enters the diner. An older, balding man, with a slight stoop and beer belly looks around the café. He’s wearing a solid brown rain coat, a loose tie, and wrinkled dress shirt. He eyes the band and walks over.

After a rather…abrasive introduction, the man calling himself Leo, says he’s a messenger for the gods, the parents of our heroes. He tells them where the parents are officially staying at in Vegas,(The Luxor, The Orleans, The Imperial Palace, and Cesar’s Palace) but that they’re all at the Wynn hotel, waiting for them. He reaches into a dirty cloth bag and pulls out lapel pins, each one with a symbol regarding their parents. He asks them to put it on, but doesn’t insist. He says good bye, saying they’ll see him again, and goes to flirt with the waitress.

The band leaves the bill for Leo, and walk out. As they walk to their cars they are ambushed by a flying telephone pole. They all easily avoid the projectile and get ready for battle. From behind the café, standing at 15 feet tall, a one horned, bloated and scaled creature, with a giant wooden club in its hand stands at the ready. He attacks.

As the battle continues, the creatures gets in a few hits, as do the Scions. But their attacks don’t seem to be having any effect, for the creature shrugs off their mightiest blows. Nodame is able to identify the monster as an Oni. She yells out that the creature only stops when it’s dead. The battle continues.

As the Oni raises its mighty club to bash down on a fallen Jacob, from the rooftop of the café, a lone figure leaps and lands on the Oni.

Seamus (Christian) enters the fray.

After a long, bloody battle, the final blow is given, and the Oni falls. Nodame yells at the others to rip out it’s heart, for the blood of an Oni can give one massive strength for a time (Nine doses. +3D to strength or Stamina for the scene, -1 to intelligence, -2 penalty on all rolls to contain anger).

Seamus introduces himself to the band, saying he’s from The Tuatha, which Doyle instantly recognizes as kin. Leo steps out of the ruined café and hands him a pin of his own. With a new companion, they set off to the bright lights of Vegas.

The band reaches their final destination, the Wynn Hotel. Taylor’s band members leave to explore the city of sin, while the Scions go into the hotel. Beau decides that she wants a drink, and is in no hurry to meet her wayward mom, so goes to hotel bar. The rest of the band goes to the top floor. Those who wore their pins feel a connection to their pantheon and to their god in general. Those who don’t, don’t’.

Reaching the penthouse floor, and going down an unusually long hallway, the reach a giant set of gold encrusted doors. Nodame knocks three times, and the door opens. The inside is a massively large room, bigger than anything the hotel can actually contain. It is very sparse, with a cavernous feel to it. In the middle of the room is a single giant oak table. Sitting behind it are 5 figures, which the Scion instantly recognize as their parents.

A reunion of sorts occurs, with each Scion interacting with his or her parent. Some are welcomed, others are hesitant, and others are still unsure as to why they were called, or even why they should listen. The gods tell them about the problems going on in The Overworld, about the Titans and their spawn attacking each realm, and won’t be long in attacking Earth. They give their task to their children: To stay in Las Vegas, and to fight off any Titan Spawn that may attempt to interrupt the war council being held there. With the amount of power in The Wynn, Titan Spawn are sure to come. But other than that, they are to enjoy themselves, and to be ready for any summons. The task would only last a few days, and once it was over, they could choose to leave, or to help protect this world.

Before sending off their children, each god or goddess bequeaths a gift unto them, a new relic of great power. Each one is unique and special, and will come in handy for the Scions.

They leave the room, the door closes behind them, and they head off into the City of Sin.

A gift of fate

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