A Fortnight in New Orleans

November 13, 2009 23:46
After much celebrating occurred on the streets of New Orleans, Beau takes the band to a hotel that’s out of the way of the onslaught of tourists. The hotel is a posh, multistory building with an elegant entrance and thick brick lining. Beau is able to snag single rooms for the various characters and they all turn in for the night.

As the band prepares for a bed, Iella, Nodame & Taylor gather in Nodame’s room for some girl talk. As they are discussing their pasts, a knock prompts Nodame to open the door. Standing in the door way is a man wearing a dress suit, sunglasses, and pointing a gun at Nodame’s head.


After close calls and near misses, the battle stumbles out into the hallway. Beau comes out to investigate (in a towel) and leaps into the foray. Julian eventually hears the commotion and joins in. Together, the band makes short works of the men (who turn out to be of Asian descent). With the hallway littered with bodies and blood, the band decides to sneak out of the hallway, using any means necessary (including dressing in a janitor’s uniform). The team splits up. In the alley, Julian meets up with Iella. Julian has one of the unconscious men over his shoulder. They head off to the office.

A little while later, Taylor finds Nodame and Beau (still dressed up in a janitor’s uniform). They reconvene with Taylor’s band mates and drive to the office as well.

A Fortnight in New Orleans

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