A Few Loose Ends

Not content with having defeated the Arachnarid champion and kicking them out of the city limits, the Band decides the best way to deal with titan-spawn is to adhere to their oral agreement: They have one day to leave the city. They interpret that as “They have one day to leave safely. Then they’re fair game.”

Nodame takes point and summons an ancestor to give her advice and to help her take down the colony. Her ancestor says they must adhere to their agreement because to renege on their part of the contract may have dire consequences. One’s such as Scions have the power to break contracts, but not without a cost.

Terrence goes off to the nearest army base hours away from Vegas. He reports to the General in charge and finds that he has a high clearance, so high the General is taken aback. Terrence commanders various weapons and a jeep to help fight off the fleeing spiders.

Taylor accesses his Prophesy Purview and gains visions of a crying woman, dressed in white, surrounded by blood. He sees her weeping on the floor, with her back turned to him, long flowing black hair reaching the floor.

After a call to Leo they learn that the Arachnarid Queen can open a gateway to the OverWorld, the realm where the Gods live, but that she would most likely only have the strength to open it long enough for most of her brood to go through, not all. A single adult Arachnarid though, can eat a person a day.

The Band discovers that the most likely exit for the Arachnarid’s departure will be the tunnel entrance where they fought Tecuhtli weeks ago. Terrence does reconnaissance on the area, lacing the cavern with C4 Explosives.

At 11 p.m. the Band stands at the mouth of the cave, ready to obliterate the incoming horde. At 11:01 p.m., their contract is fulfilled and the Arachnarid are free game.

Right on schedule, the Band hears the screeching and skittering of numerous Arachnarids. Terrence unleashes the explosives which causes a cave in, killing the majority of the titan spawn. Dozens pop out though, ready to kill all who are there.

A fierce battle occurs, with the entire Band battling against an army. They are able to whittle down the strong ones and easily take out the babies. Once again, the stands triumphant as the bodies of the titanspawn burn around them.

A Few Loose Ends

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