The Long Road to Heaven

The Long Road to Heaven Episode Guide
What did we kill last time?
The Adventure Begins

The young scions get summoned by their parent, and meet each other along the way.

A Fortnight in New Orleans

A daring escape from the hotel.

On Our Way to Vegas Street

The road trip (finally) begins! On the way, shadow creatures attack the band!

A Gift of Fate

The Band meets their guide at the Moonshine Cafe. A battle against a deadly Oni enuses!

Shroud of Darkness

Enter the lair of Tecuhtli.

Shroud(ed) Mystery

The black feathered shroud appears. But what to do with it?


The Band has to stop a string of prostitute murders in the city of sin. And a new member is added to the party.


The band follows a trail of bodies and discovers the source of all the murders. They prepare to battle the Mama of all Arachnarid!

ATTEN-TION! Part 2.5

The Band must choose a Champion to fight against the Queen Arachnarid and her brood.

A Few Loose Ends

The Band tries to figure out a way to work around their word to give the deadly Arachnarid’s safe passage out of the city.

Breaking Up is Hard Enough

Attending a fashion show, Nodame meets up with an old friend. When that friend is murdered, the Band must discover why. More importantly, why was the body later discovered strangling another victim!?

Breaking up is Hard Enough 2

Another domestic dispute has put the Scions on guard. But when a dead victim rises from the grave, they know they’re on the right track!

Breaking up is Hard Enough 3

The Band goes into research mode to figure out who, or what, is behind the recent murders.

Breaking Up is Hard Enough 4

The Band figures out who the next victim will be. But will they get there in time to save them?


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