Julian Weaver

Scion of Anubis, globe trotting playboy who deals out justice in his own, morally questionable ways.


Handsome, although built like a brick shithouse. An intimidating figure, to be sure. Sandy hair, an easy smile, and a quick temper masked by icy, patient, wrath.


From Old Money, his family died mysteriously, leaving him the sole benefactor of their fortune. Has a degree in forensics and criminal justice, although he apparently never did anything with it. He’s secretly a vigilante serial killer, ever since he was contacted by his father, Anubis, to dole out “holy justice.” Questionable, but he gets the job done.

So far as everyone knows, he’s a charming, perhaps slightly foolish young man merely enjoying his wealth and doing his best to avoid any form of real responsibility.

Julian Weaver

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